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Kiss Kiss Kiss

Title: Kiss Kiss Kiss
: Key/Jonghyun
Rating: PG-13 (for smexiness)
Summary: Key wants to know how to kiss.
Notes: This is a super cute fic, I hope you guys like it! I read it to a friend and she totally melted!


It was a word that seemed to be whispering itself in the back of Key's mind quite a bit lately. But the idea of his lips meeting another's was a pretty confusing thing.

Where do our noses go? Where do I put my tongue? Should I even use tongue?

The questions and concerns about his first kiss fluttered through his mind throughout the day. He didn't know what he would do when the time came, but he knew he wanted it to happen soon. How could a boy of 18 years of age not have had his first kiss yet? And how could he sing all of those love songs for his fans when he hadn't even experienced a simple peck on the lips?

It didn't help that he had been lusting after a certain pair of plush, pink puckers for over a year now. They were oversized, but not too intimidating; pink with hints of magenta around the edges. They were soft and supple, reminding him of pillows he wanted to rest his own lips on. They were none other than his fellow band member Jonghyun's.

The two boys were alone today, something that rarely happened. Key was always busy taking care of Taemin and Minho, and Jonghyun was usually locked in a recording studio with his piano or out playing basketball, so today was a day that Key would cherish deeply.

"Jonghyunnie, you want a sandwich?" Key asked as he stepped into the kitchen. Jonghyun was lazily spread on the couching, reading manga intently. "I'm making one for myself."

"Ah, yeah, thanks, Kibum," he said, trying not to be too distracted from his comic. Key smiled slightly, always happy to satisfy Jonghyun. Topping the chicken sandwich with a squirt of spicy mayonnaise sauce, some lettuce and another slice of bread, he pressed it nicely and cut diagonally.

"Here you goooo," Key announced as he walked over and set the plate on the coffee table in front of Jonghyun. The older boy looked up, and grinned widely. That face, that mouth, those lips... they melted Key's heart like nothing else. The growing desire to plant a nice, big kiss on him grew inside.

As he sat back, enjoying his own food, he remembered the big, sloppy kisses he always got from his grandmother when he was little. He hated those. He would promptly wipe his cheek right after with a disgusted look on his face, and she would just laugh and pat his head. Looking back now, he realized how full of love those kisses were. He smiled slightly.

Jonghyun was munching away at his sandwich, now sitting up as to not make a mess as he ate and read at the same time. Key suddenly noticed a small stain on the boy's mouth. Jonghyun felt it too, and licked the tangy sauce from his lips. It was all Key could do to not pass out right then and there.

"What?" Jonghyun said, smiling. Key froze, realizing that Jonghyun had noticed he had been staring.

"Oh, uh, nothing... just..." Key stuttered. "Jonghyun, I was just wondering... do you know how to... how to kiss?" he managed to choke out. His mischievous streak was clawing its way out from the overwhelming shyness.

"Kiss?!" Jonghyun exclaimed, nearly spitting out the chicken that filled his mouth. He quickly swallowed. "Oh, uh, of course I know how to kiss, Key. I mean, who doesn't?" he declared. "I'm 19 for crying out loud," he said, looking away. Key noticed a slightly nervous wavering in the older boy's voice. He was visibly uneasy, and Key chuckled to himself. Jonghyun didn't have a clue either. He sighed happily.

"Well, actually... I still haven't had my first kiss... pretty pathetic, right?" Key said, looking away playfully, but still quite nervous.

"Really? Well, I don't know why I'm surprised, it's not like any of us get the chance to date being in SM," Jonghyun muttered, annoyed.

"So, you know how to, right?" Key said, locking eyes with the older boy.

"Well, sure," Jonghyun replied unconvincingly. Key decided to push things further.

"Do you wanna show me how?"

"Show you? Like... how do you mean," Jonghyun asked, playing stupid. He was trying to hide how flustered he was, but Key could see the anxiousness in his eyes.

Key picked up a bit of courage, and moved forward, eyes still locked with the other boy’s. He scooted closer to him on the couch, and began to stare at the quivering, soft lips before him.

“Just kiss me,” he said, voice barely above a whisper.

Jonghyun moved in, eyes heavily hooded. Key closed his eyes as well, waiting for what felt like an eternity as the other boy closed in. Their lips met, softly pressing against each other. The two pink sets fit perfectly, sending chills up and down the boys’ spines. There was a sweet electricity that made Key’s entire face tingle and he felt like he could die happy at that very moment.

They continued the soft, sweet kisses, until Jonghyun began to be a bit more adventurous. He opened his mouth ever so slightly, and bit Key’s bottom lip gently. Key couldn’t help but whimper at this, and he pulled away, smiling and blushing.

“I think that’s good for lesson one, Jongie,” he said, head still down. He was grinning ear to ear, laughing shyly a bit.
Jonghyun’s nerves had all but dissipated, and he leaned back smiling, putting his hands behind his head. “I’m a good teacher, right?” he asked in a cocky tone.

“Yeah, for never doing it before you were pretty good,” Key said, smirking.

“What?! I told you I know how to kiss! I’ve kissed plenty!” Key just rolled his eyes and laughed as the older boy nervously babbled. “Well, I’ve seen plenty of kissing,” he said, embarrassed.

“Just shut up and let’s start lesson two,” Key said, throwing his arms around him and kissing him with all the passion in his little heart.
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