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geudaerul saranghae my love~

Oh my gosh, I hate myself so much sometimes... ~___~

How do I let my biases and my stupid judgement cloud my vision when a new song/group comes out?

For some reason, whenever I hear a new song, a lot of the times I totally write it off like "Oh this song sucks" or "I don't like so and so, so I am going to hate this song." But then weeks or months or years (!) later I find myself totally loving it, thinking Why the heck wasn't I blasting this 24/7 in the first place?

I realized today how great KARA's "Wanna" is (only a few months late lol). Seungyeon really bugs me, so typically I can never get too into KARA's stuff... even though I totally loved "Pretty Girl" and the yodel song from that mini. Totally rocked my socks last Christmas time. But in general, totally not into them for some reason.

Then today, I was watching some fan-made dance videos, and a cover of "Wanna" came out and... *BAM* I was blown. away. They totally rock! And so does that song! How did I not notice this? I'm seriously girl crushing on Nicole, by the way. Love her to pieces. I'm so late with this song, but I don't care, I'm going to keep on playing and dancing and singing along until I get sick of it lol.
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