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Anyone else a little disappointed with SHINee's comeback? I've been listening to it for a while, and I'm trying to enjoy it, but there are some points that I cannot accept.

"Y.O.U." is seriously amazing, though. I'm incredibly impressed with this number. The whole 80s slow jam thing is vintage, but at the same time very modern and kind of hipsterish. 80s music is very hipster these days. The boys seem to be moving in a much more artistic and less mainstream direction with this song. They all sound really good, I'm thoroughly impressed. Maybe it's the lack of Minho that makes me love it? LOL.

"Ring Ding Dong" is pretty good, too. Very infectious, especially the "ling ding dong, ling ding dong, etc" bit. Love the autotune to pieces. Onew's voice sounds amazing in the bridge, and he proves here that he's just as good, if not better than Jonghyun in the vocals department. Needs less Taemin though. I also am not feeling the choreography at all. What the hell happened? They need Rino back, because this was a boring disaster. Seriously, why would you use the guy who did "Sorry Sorry"? That dance is terrible! Half of it is just them rubbing their hands together and doing hilariously simple and stupid looking moves. SHINee is supposed to be known for their stellar, technical and innovative choreo, none of which can be said about this song's moves.

"JoJo" is alright. It sounds really really familiar to me, though. Something that Super Junior should be doing, not SHINee.

"Get Down" is a noisy mess. No redeeming qualities. Minho, GTFO.

"SHINee Girl" was probably written and produced in about 10 minutes. Total throwaway track. I don't know who thought this ragtime meets Mario Brothers soundtrack was a good idea, cuz it's not.

"The Name That I Loved" was a track I was looking forward to a lot, but it's pretty boring. I always start nodding off whenever it comes on... hate to say it, but "Please Don't Go" and "Y Si Fuera Ella" were way better.

Ugh. Disappointed. This doesn't sound anything like SHINee, it's mostly just a bunch of throwaways or SuJu reject songs. I miss my real SHINee boys. Bring back the first album days!

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