themasterkey (themasterkey) wrote,

So, in case you live under a rock, there's a new ranking out tallying fans in various cafes and search engine rankings for all the idols. I'm such a numbers person, so I really love this kind stuff:

There's a lot to be shocked over, though...

But umm...
-Why is Key last for SHINee?!? Not only that, he's the lowest ranking male in SM. Korea, I hate you.
-Why are my biases in SuJu (Siwon, Yesung, Leeteuk) so low?
-Yenny should not be forth out of five. She's the best
-Taeyang being soooo low.

But there was a lot of stuff that made me happy, especially:
-HyunAh being so popular. She's higher than all of 2NE1. And 2PM. And all of SHINee except Taemin.
-Bom being the most popular in her group.
-Jooyeon! I love her! I can't believe she's so high. She's so jjang.
-Junsu at number 1.
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