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Holy crap...

Junsu's new Cyworld entry... I can't believe it. If it's true, that JYP made these decisions about 2PM's future without even consulting them, then that is seriously messed up. JYP is a shrewd businessman, and I like that, but I think he's gone too far this time. 2PM should be able to choose their own futures, IMO. They're the ones who are performing, singing and making the money, why not give them a bit more creative control and other freedoms? It's just not fair.

I really hope Junsu doesn't get in trouble for this...
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Ugh this is such a mess, I really hope JYP isn't making choices for them without their knowledge or consent ;~;
I know, I'm so worried :(

BTW, not to be a creeper, but I saw your picture you posted in O_L... you're so pretty!
Yeah, I really hope he doesn't end up getting in trouble, they don't need to be having any more issues right now.

And thank you!! ♥
:( Me neither babe.
We gotta stay optimistic! ;3

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D: I wish there was some news or something... going crazy over here...